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Overbygningskurser/Advanced courses


Forventet Kursusudbud/Expected Courses scheduled

E/Fall ­2018

F/Spring 2019E/Fall­ 2019F/Spring 2020
FAccelerator-fysik og partikler i stof/Accelerator Physics & Penetration of Charged Particles through Matter 10 ECTS*


AAdvanced Projects in Cosmology 5 ECTS


AAdvanced Projects in Exoplanets 5 ECTS XX
AAdvanced Projects in Galaxy evolution and the Milky Way 5 ECTS X X
AAdvanced Projects in Stellar Evolution 5 ECTS XX
F/AAlmen Relativitetsteori/General Relativity 5 ECTS* X X
FAnalytical tools in theoretical physics 5 ECTS* X
F/AAstrofysik II/Astrophysics II 10 ECTS X X
AAstronomi fra observation til vidensformidling X
FAtomic, Molecular and Optical Physics II 10 ECTS X X
FBløde materialers statistiske mekanik/Statistical mechanics of soft matter 5 ECTS* X
FEksperimentel kvanteoptik 1: Introduktion/Experimental Quantum Optics 1: Introduction 5 ECTS -7 uger/weeks Q3


F Eksperimentel kvanteoptik 2: AMO systems/Experimental Quantum Optics 2: AMO systems 5 ECTS - 7 uger/weeks Q2 Q2
FEksperimentel skolefysik/Physical Experiments for Teachers 5 ECTS X XXX

Elektronik og dataopsamling/Electronics and Data Acquisition 10 ECTS



AExoplaneter/Exoplanets 10 ECTS X X
FFaststoffysik II/Solid State Physics II 10 ECTS XX
F/AFysik og Astronomi studenterkollokvium/Physics and Astronomy Student Colloquium 5 ECTS X XXX
AGalaksers udvikling og Mælkevejen/Galaxy Evolution and the Milky Way 10 ECTS XX
FIntroduktion til biofysik/Introduction to Biophysics 5 ECTS* X
FIntroduktion til medicinsk fysik/Introduction to Medical Physics 10 ECTS X


F/AKernefysik II/Nuclear Physics II 10 ECTS XX
FKvantemekanik II/Quantum Mechanics II 10 ECTS X X
FLasers & Optics 10 ECTS XX
FMagnetic resonance physics 5 ECTS* X
FNaturfagenes fagdidaktik/Science Education 5 ECTS X X
FOverflade- og halvlederfysik/Surface and Semiconductor-Physics 10 ECTS X X
FParticle Physics II 10 ECTS X X
F/APraktik som gymnasielærer/Placement at Upper Secondary School 5 ECTS X XXX
F/APraktisk programmering og numeriske metoder/Practical Programming and Numerical Methods 10 ECTS XX
AProjects in Cosmology 5 ECTS XX
AProjects in Exoplanets 5 ECTS X X
AProjects in Galaxy evolution and the Milky Way 5 ECTS XX
AProjects in Stellar Evolution 5 ECTS X X
FQuantum Engineering II 10 ECTS XX
F/ASatellites and Space Exploration 5 ECTS X
F/A**Store eksperimentelle øvelser/Advanced exercises in experimental physics 5 ECTS X XX
FUltrafast science 5 ECTS XX
FVideregående elektrodynamik/Advanced Electrodynamics 5 ECTS X
AVideregående kosmologi/Advanced Cosmology 10 ECTS XX
FVideregående Statistisk Fysik/Advanced Statistical Physics 5 ECTS X X

Videregående stjerneudvikling/Advanced Stellar Evolution 10 ECTS




Fysik/Physics: F, F/A

Astronomi/Astronomy: A, F/A

* planlægges for indeværende udbudt hvert 2. år / currently scheduled to run each 2nd year.

** afhængigt af indhold/depending on content

Ud over ovenstående kurser udbudt af IFA, kan en række kurser udbudt af Institut for Ingeniørvidenskab indgå på IFAs kandidatuddannelser; listen kan ses her. / In addition to the above courses offered by IFA, a number of courses offered by Department of Engineering may be included in IFA’s Master's degree programmes; the list can be seen here.

Kandidatuddannelsen i fysik:
(For English see below)
Et forløb i Atom-, Molekyl- og Optisk Fysik kan fx udgøres af kurserne: Atom-, Molekyl- & Optisk Fysik II, Lasers & Optics, Experimental Quantum Optics 2, Ultrafast Science og Molekylær Fysik, hvor sidstnævnte endnu ikke er planlagt i detaljer.

Et forløb i Condensed Matter Physics kan fx udgøres af kurserne: Faststoffysik II, Overflade- & Halvlederfysik samt 10 ECTS valgt blandt Kvantemekanik II, Quantum Engineering II, Videregående Statistisk Fysik, Bløde Materialers Statistiske Mekanik, Introduktion til Biofysik, Materialekemi IIId: Synchrotron and Neutron Science (kemi, forår, 10 ECTS), Materialekemi IIIb: Advanced Crystallography (kemi, efterår, 10 ECTS) og Cleanroom-based Micro and Nano Fabrication (iNano, efterår Q1, 5 ECTS). Sidstnævnte kursus kan evt. kombineres med Materialekemi IIIa: Fysisk Faststofkemi (kemi, efterår Q2, 5 ECTS).

Et forløb i Subnuklear Fysik vil typisk udgøres af kurserne: Kvantemekanik II, Kernefysik II og Partikelfysik II. Det kan udvides med Praktisk Programmering & Numeriske Metoder og/eller Acceleratorfysik & Partiklers Indtrængning i Stof.

Et forløb i Quantum Engineering kan fx udgøres af kurserne: Quantum Engineering II, Kvantemekanik II, Eksperimentel Kvanteoptik 1, Videregående Statistisk Fysik samt evt. Eksperimentel Kvanteoptik 2.

Krav til sammensætningen af kandidatuddannelserne i fysik og astronomi kan ses nederst på denne side.

Master’s degree programme in Physics:

A course programme in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics may, e.g., consist of the courses: Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics II, Lasers & Optics, Experimental Quantum Optics 2, Ultrafast Science and Molecular Physics, where the latter has not yet been scheduled in detail.

A course programme in Condensed Matter Physics may, e.g., consist of the courses: Solid State Physics II, Surface- and Semiconductor Physics as well as 10 ECTS chosen from Quantum Mechanics II, Quantum Engineering II, Advanced Statistical Physics, Statistical Mechanics of Soft Matter, Introduction to Biophysics, Materials Chemistry IIId:  Synchrotron and Neutron Science (Chemistry, spring, 10 ECTS), Materials Chemistry IIIb: Advanced Crystallography (Chemistry, autumn, 10 ECTS) and Cleanroom-based Micro- and Nano-Fabrication (iNano, autumn Q1, 5 ECTS). The latter course may be combined with Materials Chemistry IIIa: Physical Solid State Chemistry (Chemistry, autumn Q2, 5 ECTS).

A course programme in Subnuclear Physics will typically consist of the courses: Quantum Mechanics II, Nuclear Physics II and Particle Physics II. It can be extended with Practical Programming & Numerical Methods and/or Accelerator Physics & Penetration of Charged Particles through Matter.

A course programme in Quantum Engineering may, e.g., consist of the courses: Quantum Engineering II, Quantum Mechanics II, Experimental Quantum Optics 1, Advanced Statistical Physics as well as Experimental Quantum Optics 2.

Requirements for the composition of the Master's degree programmes in physics and astronomy can be seen at the bottom of this page.

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