You will very likely land your first job through people in your network. This is why creating and having a network is important. But how do you create or expand your network? It’s all about meeting people and being open.

Why is networking important?

Many jobs in Denmark are found not through job advertisements, but through chance meetings with the right people. There are many ways to meet your future employer - some are random because you are a member of the same social circle, while others are arranged through the traditional application process. That's why it's important to network!

The most common way to find employment opportunities in Denmark is through:

  • Networking
  • Application process
  • LinkedIn

How to expand your network

Your network consists of people who you know or meet – you will know some of them better than others. Networking is all about interacting socially with the people you meet during your studies, in the workplace, and indeed in all other aspects of your life. There are many different ways to develop a network:

  • Join a club or organisation
  • Take part in social activities with your classmates and friends
  • Set up informal coffee meetings with companies
  • Take part in academic related networks
  • Join AU fairs, workshops across the University

How to use your network

Your network is not only helpful in getting a job – it's an important source of inspiration and knowledge of different types of jobs, companies, and businesses. Networking is not a “one-way-street". It works both ways – so when you get a chance to help someone in your network, do so! Help them succeed – and when you need your network, don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help.

Practise your networking skills – workshop!  

AU is running a workshop focused on networking in the job-hunting process. You can find the next workshop date and sign up in the event calendar.