Test your knowledge about the rules on cheating at exams

Take a well-deserved break from the books and instead, use 10 minutes to test your knowledge about the rules on cheating at exams at Aarhus University.



1:Are you allowed to quote other people’s texts in your exam paper without indicating where the text comes from?
2: Are you allowed to use a reworked version of conclusions etc. from your teacher’s slides in your exam paper?
3: Are you allowed to use text from a previously assessed exam paper in a new exam paper?
4: During an on-site written exam, are you allowed to text with your friends about where to meet when the exam is over?
5: Are you allowed to write an exam paper for an individual examination in cooperation with a fellow student?
6: Are you allowed to bring your own notes to an on-site written exam where no materials are permitted?
7: Are you allowed to leave parts of the collected data out in your exam paper, if the data do not support the hypothesis you have formulated.
8: Are you allowed to sit the exam if you have seen the exam assignment before the exam by mistake?
9: Are you allowed to sign a course participants list on behalf of a fellow student if the teaching is compulsory?
10: Are you allowed to upload your exam paper from home in connection with an on-site written exam?
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