Diplomas and Diploma Supplement


The diploma issued to you when you have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme or a professional Master’s degree programme is the only original documentation of your completion of the degree programme. Therefore, it is your responsibility to contact the university immediately if you have not received your diploma within two months of the announcement of the result of the final examination. The month of July is not included when calculating the two-month deadline.

The university will file a copy of your diploma, but it does not have a second original to give to you if you lose the original diploma. Naturally, the university will also file the information contained in the original diploma issued, which means that you can always obtain a transcript of the examinations you have passed and the degree you have obtained.

Diplomas are issued based on the data available at the time of issue, including information about your name (in accordance with the Danish Act on Names (Navneloven)) at the time of issue. This means that a new diploma will not be issued if you later change your name etc.

The diploma consists of a degree statement in Danish, a list of results in Danish, a qualification profile in Danish, a degree statement in English, a list of results in English, a qualification profile in English, a diploma supplement in English and a description of the Danish higher education system in English. The diploma supplement and the description of the Danish higher education system are always in English. A very few degree programmes have the English versions of the degree statement, the list of results and the qualification profile replaced by documents in German, French or Spanish.

Diploma Supplement

Aarhus University issues a diploma supplement automatically and free of charge to all students who have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme or a professional Master’s degree programme. A diploma supplement contains a description of the degree programme completed by the student, including content, scope, level and professional qualifications. The diploma supplement also contains a description of Aarhus University and the Danish educational system.

The diploma supplement may be useful if you have a post-secondary degree and want to apply for a job abroad. The diploma supplement makes it easier for foreign employers hiring a person with a Danish post-secondary degree to understand your academic background and the qualifications obtained during your studies.

You can also use the diploma supplement for further education purposes abroad, for instance when applying for admission to a foreign professional Master’s or PhD degree programme.