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What are you doing on Christmas Eve?

- Students

Is your family far away – in another country perhaps? Are you going to be studying or working over the Christmas holiday? Or would you just like some company on Christmas Eve? Then why not spend Christmas Eve with the student congregation?

Election of AU representatives

- UNIvers nr. 14 - 2011

In a couple of weeks’ time all the AU staff and students will be electing next year’s representatives for the University’s board, councils and committees.

International students happy with Denmark

Happy International Student
- Students

4 out of 5 international students would recommend studying in Denmark.

English-speaking preschool

- Students

With the opening of a new international preschool in Højbjerg,

it is now finally possible for AU employees to send their children to an

English-speaking childcare institution.

New social PhD association

- Students

The work in the PhD building is off to a good start, but now a special group will be responsible for the activities.

Students are lonely and stressed

- Students

Statistics from the Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists (DJØF) show that a large number of students are lonely and stressed during their time of study.

University election

- Students

Votes may be cast in the university election between 29 November and 2 December. Full-time international students have the same voting entitlements as…

English to be official language of new PhD Association

- Students

The general meeting of the new Aarhus University PhD Association has decided that all notifications, meetings and minutes will be in English.

Focus Group for Studenterrådet: November 15 and 16

- Students

Discrimination of international students was highlighted as one of the main problems in Studimiljøundersøgelse 2011, a study looking at the study environment at Aarhus University.

November 23 and 24: exam workshop for full-degree international students

- Students

The International Centre in conjunction with academics from AU, is providing a workshop for international students on how to prepare for different types of examinations at AU. The same workshop will be held twice, on November 23 and 24 from 15:00-18:00.

International students needed for research project

- Students

A research project at AU is being conducted with both international students at AU and Danish students who have studied abroad and are now studying with foreign students. The project is concerned with how international students at AU integrate at the University and with Danish students.


Study Metro

- Students

Study Metro is a service from AU to help both Danish and international students with a variety of academic issues, from writing exam papers to overall organisation of their studies. Not only should you check out their site if you haven't already yet, but if you are from the faculty of ARTS then Study Metro want your help!

17 November - Qualifications workshop for international students at ARTS

- Students

Are you about to apply for an internship or a full-time job and would you like some guidance on how to explain your qualifications and personal skills to a potential employer? Do you know how to efficiently present yourself and your qualifications when asked about your master’s degree?




November 10 - Workshop on Danish workplace culture

- Students

Who are those "weird" Danes? How is it to work and interact with them in the workplace? Join InterResource at a Danish Workplace Workshop and learn things that you can't find in a manual.

4 November is J-Day!

- Students

It might seem hard to believe, but Christmas is now less than two months away. And as ever in Denmark, this is celebrated by the official release of Christmas beer (Jule øl) on Friday 4 November at 20:59 exactly.