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What are you doing on Christmas Eve?

- Students

Is your family far away – in another country perhaps? Are you going to be studying or working over the Christmas holiday? Or would you just like some…

Election of AU representatives

- UNIvers nr. 14 - 2011

In a couple of weeks’ time all the AU staff and students will be electing next year’s representatives for the University’s board, councils and…

International students happy with Denmark

Happy International Student
- Students

4 out of 5 international students would recommend studying in Denmark.

English-speaking preschool

- Students

With the opening of a new international preschool in Højbjerg,

it is now finally possible for AU employees to send their children to an …

New social PhD association

- Students

The work in the PhD building is off to a good start, but now a special group will be responsible for the activities.

Students are lonely and stressed

- Students

Statistics from the Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists (DJØF) show that a large number of students are lonely and stressed during their time…

University election

- Students

Votes may be cast in the university election between 29 November and 2 December. Full-time international students have the same voting entitlements as…

English to be official language of new PhD Association

- Students

The general meeting of the new Aarhus University PhD Association has decided that all notifications, meetings and minutes will be in English.

Focus Group for Studenterrådet: November 15 and 16

- Students

Discrimination of international students was highlighted as one of the main problems in Studimiljøundersøgelse 2011, a study looking at the study…

November 23 and 24: exam workshop for full-degree international students

- Students

The International Centre in conjunction with academics from AU, is providing a workshop for international students on how to prepare for different…

International students needed for research project

- Students

A research project at AU is being conducted with both international students at AU and Danish students who have studied abroad and are now studying…

Study Metro

- Students

Study Metro is a service from AU to help both Danish and international students with a variety of academic issues, from writing exam papers to overall…

17 November - Qualifications workshop for international students at ARTS

- Students

Are you about to apply for an internship or a full-time job and would you like some guidance on how to explain your qualifications and personal skills…

November 10 - Workshop on Danish workplace culture

- Students

Who are those "weird" Danes? How is it to work and interact with them in the workplace? Join InterResource at a Danish Workplace Workshop and learn…

4 November is J-Day!

- Students

It might seem hard to believe, but Christmas is now less than two months away. And as ever in Denmark, this is celebrated by the official release of…