Access to buildings

The buildings at Arts are open to everyone during the daytime. Outside opening hours, students have access to the buildings which are relevant for their own particular degree programme and can access classrooms, study areas, the library and communal areas.

Lost card and reactivation of key card

If you lose your card, or your card gets damaged, you should order a new card. Your access is not automatically transferred to your new card, and you should therefore use the form below in order to get your access transferred to your new card.

Students in Aarhus:

Students in Emdrup - The Danish School of Education (DPU):
To activate your student ID card please fill in this form:

Students in Emdrup - Health:
Please contact

Is there a problem with your student ID card?


If there is a problem with your student ID card, please contact your local maintenance office.

Students in Aarhus:

Maintenance office in the Nobel Park building 1467, room 123

Students in Emdrup - Danish School of Education (DPU):

Maintenance office in building A, room 003

Students in Emdrup - Health, MSc in Nursing:

Bygningsservice Health

Your student ID card is your key card

You can use your student ID card to gain access to AU’s Buildings. The card will automatically be activated 14 days after the start of the semester at the latest.

PIN code

Your PIN code will be sent to your 

If you have forgotten your PIN code or your card is malfunctioning, you can order a new PIN code.