Career Paths for Cognitive Science

Get inspiration from former students at Cognitive Science

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Friday 20 May 2022,  at 15:00 - 17:30


Aarhus, Bygn. 1441, Lok. 112


15.00 Welcome

Student counselor will be presenting the program for the afternoon 

15.05 What was the thoughts behind the Cognitive Science

Joshua Skewes will be presenting the ideas behind the job opportunities concerning the degree program

15.30 Josephine Hillebrand Hansen @Epinion

15.55 Marie Louise Holm Møller @DesignPsykologi  

16.20 Short break 

16.30  Matilde Nesheim @IBM 

16.55 Panel Debate - Your chance to ask all the questions You may have accumulated during the presentations.

17.20 Evaluering and thank you for today