Is there room for improvement, bright ideas or new solutions on your degree programme?

If so, we need you on the board of studies. Here, you will help evaluate and develop your degree programme, including your own options as a student.

Among other things, you will help determine if the type of examination may be improved, if the courses are generally well-functioning and if the workload on the programme is evenly distributed.

Your perspective matters
When a selection of courses needs approval, when specific courses are up for evaluation, and similar, your voice carries as much weight as that of your lecturer or the management. For this reason, it is important to have as many students as lecturers on the board of studies.

What do students on the board of studies think?
Students on the board of studies emphasise that they get a strong network and lots of experience working in a large organisation together with other students, lecturers and the management, which is a nice addition to their CV. They also get to be the students’ voice and implement specific improvements on their degree programme.

How do you join the board of studies?
It may sound tedious to stand for election, but it just means you have to register in the election system between 10 and 14 October. After registering, all students are elected to the board of studies of their choice. Usually, this is an uncontested election, meaning that you will secure a spot on the board of studies just by registering for election.

We need you and your ideas on the board of studies!

Read more about the different boards of studies and how to join them.

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