Building services

About Building Services

Building Services is the unit responsible for the buildings, including:

  • Access and security
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning

Opening hours

All buildings with student access are open on weekdays from 8:00-17:00. Some buildings have longer opening hours. For questions regarding opening hours, please contact the staff at your local operating office.

Access card: Should you need to use the buildings outside normal opening hours, you can access the buildings using your student card (links).


Alarm instructions: All buildings are equipped with alarm instructions that tell you what to do and how to act should a life-threatening or otherwise catastrophic situation arise.

Evacuation: AU has developed a new evacuation app: AU Evacuate. 

General safety measures: For your own and your fellow students’ safety, and the safety of the buildings, it is important that you only use your student card to let yourself into the buildings. If you and a fellow student intend to use the buildings outside normal opening hours, you both have to bring an active student card. You may be asked to present your student card when you are on AU’s premises. In addition, you should never leave valuables unsupervised. 

Always contact the local operating staff if you have information about suspicious looking individuals or situations that may endanger safety.

Do not forget to close the windows when you leave a room. 

Cleaning up

The operating and cleaning staff as well as the gardeners cannot do all the cleaning up on their own, and therefore we need help from you, the students, to:

  • always clean up after yourselves when you are using AU’s buildings and outside premises, including:
    • Carry your tableware back to the cafeteria/cafe
    • Put your waste in the right waste containers – also on the outside premises

Lost property

Lost property can be handed in and picked up at your local operating office.

Energy management

As a student, you can easily contribute to saving energy and making a great difference. By saving on energy, we benefit the environment, and an organisation the size of AU can save a lot of money on energy management.

What can you do to save energy?

  • Turn off the lights when exiting an empty room
  • Use the stairs rather than the elevator
  • Notify the local operating staff if you come across a leaking toilet, or similar
  • Turn off the radiator when airing out a room


Read more about energy management at Aarhus BSS and sign up to be a Green Ambassador here: (

Car and bicycle parking 

Ask at the local operating office.

Contact the local operating office.

Buildings Supervision


Opening hours


The University Park/Northeastern Corner




+45 87 15 05 19

+45 87 15 05 52

The Nobel Park, Trøjborg, Kasernen


11:00 - 12:00:

+45 87 15 05 36

Fuglesangs Allé



+45 87 16 41 13




+45 87 15 16 76

Herning (Reception)

Main entrance

8:00 - 14:00

+45 87 15 19 08




+45 87 15 05 19




+45 87 15 05 39




+45 87 16 25 29