The Student Counsellors' Office

What happens in a student guidance session?
A guidance session is a confidential dialogue between you and the study counsellor, and may focus on all matters relating to your life as a student. During the session, we will focus on identifying your wishes, thoughts, goals and opportunities. A guidance session may thus revolve around many different aspects such as rules and regulations, choice of courses, study delay, exam anxiety, etc. The counsellor will listen, ask questions and give you the correct information, but it is your responsibility to present and actively reflect on your challenges, wishes or dilemmas.

You are always welcome to contact your study counsellors. If we cannot help you, we will usually be able to refer you to someone who can.

All study counsellors are governed by professional secrecy. This means that we treat all enquiries with strict confidentiality.

NB: When contacting us via email, please remember to use your AU mail.

At Aarhus BSS you can either choose to contact a local student counsellor or a student and welfare counsellor:

Your local student counsellor – a fellow student with counsellor training and academic insight
The student counsellors are typically enrolled in the same bachelor’s or master’s programme as you. They are educated counsellors and are therefore able to guide you if you have questions regarding courses, exams, rules and regulations, credit transfer, planning of your studies, etc. They can also help you if you are delayed or you have received mandatory credit transfer from a previous study programme.

You can contact us via email or phone, or just come by during our office hours (you do not need to book a meeting in advance).

How to contact us:

Student and welfare counsellor
The student and welfare counsellors are members of the study administration staff. They can help you in case you face problems of a more personal character or if for other reasons you prefer to talk to a counsellor who is not at student. The sessions will often extend beyond technical study-related questions and could concentrate on personal issues concerning life as a student. This could for example be problems with study completion, delay, exam anxiety, doubt about your choice of study, etc.

You are welcome to call or write an email (from your AU mail), if you would like to schedule a counselling session.

When you book a guidance session we allocate 30 minutes for the session.

You can book a meeting here.

  • Email:  
  • Phone: 9352 1320
  • Address: Building 1443-033, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University, Taasingegade 3, 8000 Aarhus C

We look forward to meeting you.


Naja Kastbjerg Nissen (student counsellor)
Nanna Radmer (student counsellor)
Julie Drejer Kornum (study- and welfare counsellor)