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2020.10.23 | Students

The study environment survey - Your opinion counts

The study environment survey 2020 has now landed in your e-boks and AU inbox. With your answers, you can help make a difference for yourself and your fellow students. The survey covers topics such as well-being, feedback, stress, loneliness, the physical surroundings, harassment and much more.

2020.10.13 | Students

The course catalogue for the spring term 2021 is available from October 15, 2020.

From October 15, you can find the courses that offered in the spring term 2021. Use the AU course catalogue to read the course descriptions and to get an overview of the different courses and seminars offered at AU.

2020.10.05 | Students

Follow the current COVID-19 infection rate at Aarhus BSS

Dear students, You can now follow the current COVID-19 infection rate at Aarhus BSS, as we have chosen to publish the status of COVID-19 cases among students that are reported via the online form at Aarhus University.   Why we publish the figures We publish the figures for…


Fri 30 Oct
15:00-17:00 | Online
Corporate Communication- information meeting on master's thesis
The Student Counsellors for Business Communication & IT invites you to an information meeting on your upcoming Master’s thesis. The aim of the event is to make you aware of relevant information concerning the writing, methods and rules of your Master’s thesis
Tue 10 Nov
16:00-17:00 | 2636 - U1 - Ørsted - Auditorium
Bachelor project 2020
Information meeting for Marketing and Management Communication students
Wed 11 Nov
13:30-16:00 |
More information will follow


2020.07.02 | Opslag


The topics for next year’s prize essays have now been published. Students from Aarhus BSS have yet another special opportunity to demonstrate their academic ability – and perhaps take the first step on the road to a future research career.

2020.01.30 | Opslag

FinTech Scholarship

The Spar Nord Fonden invites students for a Fellowship to study Financial Technology and Entrepreneurship at University of California, Berkeley.

2019.12.05 | Opslag

[Translate to English:] AU offentliggør sit første klimaregnskab

[Translate to English:] Vær med når AU offentliggør sit første klimaregnskab på årets sidste møde i universitetets bæredygtighedsnetværk onsdag den 18. december. På mødet vil universitetsdirektør Arnold Boon også give en opdatering på arbejdet med AU’s bæredygtighedsstrategi, og AU’s nye have, AU Garden, vil blive præsenteret. Alle er velkomne!

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Career Events

Wed 28 Oct
11:00-14:30 | Bartholins Allé, building 1321, the Aarhus BSS canteen
Meet Akademikernes A-kasse (Bartholins Allé)
If you are not ensured to have a job after finishing your studies, it is a good idea to sign up for an unemployment insurance fund (in Danish ‘a-kasse’). They pay you unemployment benefits (in Danish ‘dagpenge’) and support your job search. Drop by the Aarhus BSS canteen and hear why Akademikernes A-kasse is a good choice for you.
Tue 03 Nov
11:00-14:30 | Aarhus BSS, Bartholin's Alle, building 1321
Meet Akademikernes A-kasse (Bartholin's Allé)
Akademikernes A-kasse helps you find a job if you become unemployed. They offer individual career counselling based on your personal needs and requirements, and as a student member, you can participate in workshops and different courses to prepare for the for job search. Drop by building 1321 and hear about the benefits of membership.
Wed 04 Nov
11:00-14:30 | Aarhus BSS, Fuglesangs Allé, building 2610/S, Upper Multiroom
Pitstop with Djøf - Drop by and hear about the member benefits (Fuglesangs Allé)
Do you know which benefits you have access to as a member of Djøf? Stop by the S building and hear about their various offers and services and find out how to become a member.