Access cards and Keys

You can have your student ID card activated as a key card giving access outside opening hours to the Geoscience building complex.

You have to order your student ID card via You can autogenerate a new code on 

In order to actitivate your access to the Department of Geoscience you have to contact the Secretariat at the department. 


  • The card is personal and not transferable it to anyone else.
  • Do not let in any unauthorised persons.
  • Do not block the doors. It will activate the alarm and damage the automatic locking of doors.


If you need to have a key (e.g. to Master students' work room), you have to:

  • Go to, fill-in the form and pay DKK 200 online.
  • Contact the Secretariat, show your receipt for payment, and the key will be given to you. 
  • The deposit of DKK 200 can be paid back by handing in the key back to the Secretariat.

Access to other departments at NAT

Every department at Faculty of Natiral Sciences has it's own procedures in regards to accessing buildings.
See a list of procedures for access and contact persons here: Access to buildings at NAT.