Digital Exam

The following information is about exams conducted in the system Digital Exam - not Blackboard/Brightspace exams. The system Digital Exam is both used for take home exams as well as written and oral exams.

How to log on to the Digital Exam platform

You can log on to the Digital Exam platform at by choosing “Student” followed by logging in using either WAYF or MitID.
You must use two-step authentication when logging into the system using WAYF.
If your AU-account is not set up for two-step authentication, you can find a guide on how to do so here.

Should you encounter any problems when logging on to the Digital Exam platform or when setting up the two-step authentication, please contact your local IT support.

You will need your phone regardless of which login option you make use of (both WAYF and MitID).

Use of mobile phones during a written exam

You are allowed to bring your phone to your written exams.

You will need to use your phone to access Digital Eksamen with WAYF via two-step verification or Nem ID. Once you have logged in, turn off your phone and place it in a closed bag.

If you need to use your phone during the exam, please contact a member of the invigilator team. You are only allowed to use your phone during your written exam if you need to log into Digital Exam again.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Your exam - your responsibility

IT support cannot be expected to be present during the written exams at AU, so it is especially important that you prepare well yourself. Familiarise yourself with the practical aspects and make sure that your technical equipment works as it should. Below you can see a number of guidance videos that can help you. The videos go through various technical things that you need to know in connection with your exam (NOTE: these are only available in DANISH) . Watch videos individually below or download a list here.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment works, and you can submit it in the right formats.

If you have any questions about the technical aspects of the exam before IT takes place, please contact your local IT Support team.

Det skal du huske før eksamen
Log på Eduroam fra Mac
Installer ITX Flex på Mac
Eksamensforløb Skriftlig prøve på Mac
Gem som PDF på Mac - YouTube
Installer og Log på Eduroam i Windows
Installer ITX Flex i Windows
Eksamensforløb Skriftlig prøve i Windows
Gem som PDF i windows