Rent of lockers

First time you rent a locker

Rent a locker here (DKK 200 + DKK 100): Webshop - Locker rental »

Fill in the form at the Webshop and use your credit card to pay DKK 300 (DKK 200 for the deposit and DKK 100 for one year’s rent).

Bring the receipt to the Information Office at the Department of Mathematics (Building 1530-119) where you will receive the key for the locker.

Renewal of rental period

Each year in June/July notices will be displayed in the area of the lockers, reminding you that it is time to renew the rental period before the deadline, if you want to keep the locker. The rental period runs for one year from 1 September until to 31 August the following year.

If, at the end of the deadline, you have not paid the rent for the following period, or have returned your key, the lock will be replaced and the contents of the locker will be removed. You will lose your right to have your deposit refunded.

Renew the rental period here (DKK 100):  Webshop - Renewal of locker rent

When you no longer want to use your locker

When you want to terminate your locker rental, you should return the locker key to the Information Office (1530-119) and the deposit (DKK 200) will be redeemed to your credit card.