Important rules for your study programme

On this page, you will find the most important rules for students taking a Masters' degree programme at the Faculty of Natural Sciences or the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

These rules make up the framework of your degree programme, so it is important you are aware of them. If you do not comply with them, it could result in you being withdrawn from the university.

If, during your degree programme, you find yourself in a situation that prevents you complying with the rules, you have the option of applying for exemption.

The student counsellors is always ready to help you if you need it.

Maximum duration of study

Maximum duration of study for Master's degree students

The maximum duration of study indicates how much time you have to complete your degree programme. The maximum duration of study for Master’s degree students at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Technical Sciences is the prescribed period of study plus six months. You can see how your maximum duration of study is prescribed in the academic regulations.  You can find your academic regulation in the menu under 'Teaching' or at

If you do not complete your degree programme within this time frame, you will automatically be withdrawn from the degree programme.

  • The withdrawal will be effected irrespective of which and how many courses you have failed to pass, and regardless of whether you have used all your examination attempts within the prescribed period of study.
  • Your maximum duration of study will always expire on either September 1st or March 1st. You will receive a notification approximately 14 days before the expiry of your maximum duration of study. If you lack a result in the last exams, you must contact If you are automatically withdrawn from the degree programme, you will not receive further confirmation of the withdrawal.

In order to avoid withdrawal due to exceeding the maximum duration of study, we recommend you to be aware of your study progress throughout the whole degree programme. Also be aware, that the way you plan your study programme can affect whether you have time for three exam attempts within your maximum duration of study.
We recommend contacting the student counsellors, if you are in doubt about how to plan your degree programme best - and always if you have a specialised study programme. Find more information under 'Student Counselling' in the menu.

You can always see when your study programme must be completed at

Three examination attempts

As a general rule, you have three attempts to pass each exam in your degree programme.

If you fail to turn up or fail to pass the ordinary exam at the end of a course, you will have used one examination attempt. You will then have the opportunity to register for re-examination.

If you use all three examination attempts without passing the course, you will be withdrawn from the university. However, in exceptional circumstances you can apply for dispensation to be granted a fourth examination attempt.

Exceptions to the rule

The possibility to use three examination attempts for each exam is limited by other rules such as your maximum duration of study.

For example, if you postpone a course without applying for an exemption, and you do not pass the exams by the end of your maxium duration of your study, you will lose the right to use the remaining attempts to pass the exams.

Binding registration for, courses exams and the Master’s thesis

Binding registration for courses and exams

You can only register for, or change your registration, for courses and exams within the registration period prior to each semester. After that, your registration is binding.

It is your own responsibility to check that you are registered for the correct courses at

Registration for re-examination

When you register for a course, you will automatically be registered for the first examination attempt.

It is your own responsibility to register for the 2nd and 3rd examination attempt (re-examination).

Find more information under 'Examination' in the menu.

You are automatically registered for your Master's thesis

The Study Administration will administratively register you for your Master’s thesis. Both the ordinary exam and any re-exams, without possibility of withdrawal.
Your registration will be adjusted, so it is possible for you to complete three examination attempts within the maximum completion time of your programme.

Find more information under 'Bachelor's project, Master's thesis and other/R&D projects' in the menu.