Special Educational Support (SPS)

Special Educational Support (SPS) is an offer to students with disabilities.

The purpose of SPS is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to educate themselves on equal terms even if they have a disability. You can get information and guidance on the support available for students with disabilities by contacting the department for Special Educational Support at Aarhus University (AU). We will also ensure that any relevant support is applied for and started up for you.

All our work is confidential. Any information you give to us will not be passed on to other departments within AU without your consent.

Opportunities for Special Education Support

Opportunities for Special Education Support

SPS is available to students with the following conditions:

  • Reading-/writing difficulties
  • Mental disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Mobility disabilities
  • Hearing impairments
  • Visual impairments

For further information about Special Education Support please feel free to contact us.

Conditions for receiving Special Education Support

Students from a European country who are enrolled in a fulltime education at AU can apply for SPS.

Unfortunately SPS is NOT available to exchange students.

Otherwise SPS is available to students who:

  • Have official documentation of their disability (e.g. from a specialist doctor, psychiatrist etc.)
  • Experience difficulties with their studies as a direct result of their disability.
  • Are enrolled on an SU-entitled education (SPS is not granted in connection with open educations, e.g. after and further educations)
  • Are actively studying. (See SU activity rules.)


SPS can NOT provide support in relation to:

  • Accessibility to your place of study.
  • Transport to your place of study.
  • Life outside of your place of study.


Would you like to apply for SPS? Book a meeting here.

Note: Unfortunately, due to system restrictions the booking program is currently only available in Danish.

Find more information about SPS on spsu.dk