Student Welfare Counsellors

Summer break

The student counsellors at Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences are closed for online booking appointments from the July 1st to August 1st. It is still possible to write an e-mail to the student counsellors and you find their contact informations below here. 

Online booking will be available from week 32.

Have a great summer! 

How can we help?

The sessions can deal with anything that has to do with your life as a student and will be based on your questions, challenges, concerns and goals.

For example, we can talk to you about:

  • Study techniques and planning everyday life
  • Preventing and dealing with stress during your studies
  • Nervousness and exam anxiety
  • Doubts about your chosen line of study, delays in your study programme, desire to resume your studies
  • Other personal issues that are of significance to your life as a student
  • Other offers where you can get help and support

How to get counselling

  • Book a personal appointment (in person, online, or by phone)
    • As we have students in many locations, we offer counselling at 6 different locations - see where you can find us below.
    • The appointment can be booked via this page under 'Book a personal appointment with a student and Student Welfare Counsellor'.
  • Send your questions to We usually respond quickly, but there may be several days of response time during busy periods.

Naturally, we are subject to confidentiality, so everything we talk about will be in confidence. We look forward to talking to you!

You can find us here

Student Counselling AU Viborg

Blichers Alle 20,
bygning 8846, lokale 3371
8830 Tjele

Student Counselling Hangøvej

Hangøvej 2
bygning 5250, lokale 2.20
8200 Aarhus N

Student Counselling Herning

Birk Centerpark 15
bygning 8001, lokale 1001
7400 Herning

Student Counselling Katrinebjerg

Finlandsgade 22,
bygning 5125, lokale 228
8200 Aarhus N

Student Counselling Navitas

Inge Lehmanns gade 10,
bygning 3210, lokale 03.093
8000 Aarhus C

Student Counselling Ny Munkegade

Ny Munkegade 118,
bygning 1530, lokale 131
8000 Aarhus C


Book a personal appointment with a Student Welfare Counsellor

You are free to book at any location which means that you can choose the one that suits you the best when booking an appointment.

NOTE: All AU students must use their AU email when creating a new user.


If you are prevented

Booking an appointment with our student welfare counsellors is a special offer for students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Technical Sciences and sometimes there might be some waiting time. In consideration of other students who would also like to book an appointment, cancellations are to be reported in proper time and at least the day before.

Which type of guidance session should you choose?

Here, you can read more about the different types of guidance sessions you can choose between. Choose the one that suits you.

The content of a guidance session varies from student to student. You define what we are going to talk about. It can be anything from planning your studies, to personal challenges, or your personal welfare.

Together, we will decide on the topic and the conversation will be a dialogue between you and the counsellor. Sometimes more than one conversation will be necessary to get around everything.


1:1 counselling

The session will take place in a quiet room without interruptions. The session is scheduled to take about 45 minutes. This type of counselling is suitable for all types of topics. It can be about for example rules and framework of your studies, applications for dispensation, welfare, exam, etc.


Walk & Talk counselling

Here, we will take a walk together if the weather is fine. The session is scheduled to take about 45 minutes. A Walk & Talk can be nice if you feel pressured about sitting in a room alone with a counsellor.

This type of conversation is suitable for topics like welfare, doubts, choices, and opportunities. It is less suitable for topics like rules and applications, where it might be nice to be able to look at a computer screen together.


Online counselling

Online counselling is a good opportunity if you are not able to show up for a physical guidance session, or if you just prefer meeting online. The session is scheduled to take about 45 minutes. All topics are suitable for an online session.

Before the session, the counsellor will send you a link to the virtual meeting room.


Guidance over the phone

If you have shorter, clarifying questions, guidance over the phone might be helpful to you.

The conversation is scheduled to take about 15 minutes, so there isn’t time for a longer, in-depth talk. If you need to talk about your welfare, personal challenges, doubts, or applications, it might be better to choose one of the alternative options, where we will have more time to explore the topic in depth.


We are subject to confidentiality, so we will treat everything with confidence.

Your Student Welfare Counsellors

Anne Pors

Phone: +45 9352 2293

Lærke Færch Ussing

Phone: +45 2261 9885

Marianne Maj Rasmussen

Phone: +45 2060 1837

Heidi Høy Sørensen

Phone: +45 9352 2860

Rikke Signe Tougaard

Phone: +45 9352 2842

Are we not picking up the phone?
Feel free to send us an e-mail with your question and that you would like to be called, and we will answer you as soon as possible.