Contact and Study Service

Study Service - a digital service for students

Study Service at Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences is the place where you can get help and answers to questions about your course of study, e.g. registration for courses and exams, contracts, exemptions, credit transfer, delay, and much more.

Study Services is a digital service, i.e. you must contact Study Service via e-mail (the button below).

Student counselling

If you have any questions regarding student counselling, i.e. construction of courses, study technique, doubt, personal problems, etc.,  please contact our Student Counsellors and our permanently employed Student Welfare Counsellors. You find contact information under Student Counselling in the menu.

Do you need a signed form for the dormitory office?

If you need to have a form stamped and signed for the dormitory office (or something similar), in order to confirm that you are a student at AU, you must do the following:

When we receive your form, we check that the information is correct, sign it and return it to your AU email.

Other contact information

In the menu, you can find contact information for:

  • Programme coordinators
  • Heads of degree programme and members of Education Committees