On-site examinations (written exams)

Below, you will find various information on conducting on-site examinations. You can find further information in the academic regulations for your degree programme and on your study portal.  

Conducting examinations

For on-site examinations (i.e. examinations held at a particular physical location), you must check where and when the examination will be conducted well in advance. You can find the time and place of examinations on your self-service page or on your study portal.

Please do not rely on information from your fellow students, as your examination may not be scheduled for the same place and time.

The course catalogue and academic regulations for your degree programme contain information on the materials you may bring to the examination. If you bring materials other than those permitted, it will be considered an attempt at cheating at the examination under the Rules regarding disciplinary measures for students at Aarhus University. It is always your responsibility to ensure that you only bring the materials permitted to an examination. It is not permitted to borrow materials from others during an examination.

If you are allowed to bring a computer to an examination, this will be stated in the academic regulations for your degree programme or in the course catalogue. You should check the academic regulations for your degree programme and the course catalogue for information on the use of computers at the individual examinations.  

You must always bring valid ID (student card) to an examination and present it on entry to the exam room to allow the exam supervisor to check that you are entitled to take the examination. If you fail to present valid ID, you risk being refused to participate in the examination. This will be registered as an examination attempt.

Normally, the checks performed at the entrance to an exam room take quite some time. In order for the examination to begin on time, all students are advised to arrive no later than 20 minutes before the start of the examination.

No students are allowed to leave the exam room within the first hour of an examination without special permission from the exam supervisor. Please keep an eye on the time during the examination to ensure that you are ready to hand in your paper when the examination is over. When the exam supervisor announces that the examination is over, you must stop writing in or on your paper. If you continue writing after this time or write your student registration number, page numbers or the like, you risk being reported for cheating.