The Danish Student Survey – your responses matter

In week 43, you will receive the Danish Student Survey by Digital Post. And your responses matter. Your feedback will help the university improve the academic environment for you and your fellow students.

AU draws on the results of the Danish Student Survey to improve the quality of the academic environment at all levels. Photo: Lars Kruse

When you check your Digital Post in week 43, you’ll find the Danish Student Survey waiting for you. The survey asks you to evaluate various aspects of your academic and social well-being, how much you feel you get out of your classes, how much time you spend studying, stress and loneliness and lots more.

By taking the survey, you can help make a difference for yourself and your fellow students. The university draws on the results of the survey to improve the quality of its degree programmes, and to continually improve the quality of the academic environment, both at the individual degree programmes and through cross-organisational initiatives. For example, a new academic environment council will contribute to improving conditions for students across the university.

The survey will be live until 28 November. By taking the survey, you automatically participate in a draw for 50 250-kroner gift certificates to a canteen of your choice at AU.

Read more about this year’s survey and see previous surveys atøgelse (updated regularly).