Exam cheating: Are you sure you know how to avoid it?

Can you reuse text from one of your old exam papers in a new exam? How do you correctly cite your sources? And are you allowed to use a chatbot as an exam aid? Make sure you understand the rules, and don’t cheat!

As a student, you are responsible for making sure you understand the exam cheating rules. You'll find the rules on your study portal. Photo: Colourbox

Exams are in full swing right now, and it’s your responsibility to make sure you understand the exam cheating rules for all of your exams.

Breaking the rules – even by accident – counts as cheating. And cheating can have serious consequences for you and your academic career.

On AU’s webpages about exam cheating, you’ll find an explanation of what counts as exam cheating and good advice to help you follow the rules.

You can also ask your lecturer for help or your thesis/Bachelor’s project supervisor if you’re not sure what rules apply to your exam.

Get help if you’re struggling

If you’re tempted to cheat because you’re struggling with personal, family or academic issues, just don’t. Help is available, and there is always a better solution. Here are some good sources of help and support:

And at studerende.au.dk/en/boost-your-student-life, you’ll find lots of good advice on how to boost your well-being.