Strong field of applicants for the position of rector at Aarhus University

On 9 January, the chairman of the Board of Aarhus University was satisfied with the field of applicants for the position of university rector.

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“It’s a strong field, with eleven applicants altogether, and this is very satisfactory when you take into account the extensive demands to the candidates,” says Chairman of the University Board Michael Christiansen.

The chairman will now go through the applications and recommend the most suitable candidates to the appointment committee selected by the Board. He will do so in collaboration with the appointed advisory group, consisting of representatives for the academic staff, the technical and administrative staff, and the students. The final decision regarding the appointment of a new rector at Aarhus University will be made by the assembled Board.

The position of university rector was advertised on 9 November 2012 in compliance with the rules in force, as the current rector – Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen – will have held the post for the agreed period of eight years by August 2013.

The advisory group consists of:

Representatives for the academic staff:

  • Associate Professor Martijn van Beek, Department of Culture and Society – Anthropology and Ethnography
  • Professor Paul Krüger Andersen, Department of Law
  • Professor Jens Christian Hedemann Sørensen, Department of Clinical Medicine
  • Professor Lars Arge, Department of Computer Science

Representative for the technical and administrative staff:

  • Special Consultant Lise Skanting, Department of Education
  • Representative for the students:
  • PhD student Christian Kraglund Andersen, Department of Physics and Astronomy

The appointment committee consists of:

  • Chairman of the Board Michael Christiansen
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board Peder Tuborgh
  • Member of the Board Peter Bugge (academic staff representative)
  • Member of the Board Bertha P. Beck Mortensen (technical and administrative staff representative)
  • Member of the Board Benjamin Bilde Boelsmand (student representative)

For more information, please contact:

  • Head of Press Affairs Anders Correll, +45 2899 2235