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#Yourniversity gives you a taste of the student life at Aarhus University from the perspective of the students themselves. Here you'll get an insight into everyday life as a student at AU: the parties, exams, procrastinations, and everything else your student life will include.



The photos belong to the users, shared with #Yourniversity and #AarhusUni.


Denmark's biggest student event – the traditional boat race in the university park.


When student life is simply hard work.


Everything happening in the iconic University Park.


Tricks for surviving university

  • #AarhusUni

    Everything to do with life at Aarhus University.
  • #AUgennembrud

    The small victories, finished papers, passed exams, or when you've cracked the code of a particularly difficult subject. 
  • #AUstudiejob

    The job you're using to test your studies, and to get ahead in the hunt for the great CV.
  • #AUoverspring

    The completely necessary acts of procrastination, where you summon energy and get new ideas.
  • #AUoverskud

    Track the good karma you meet during your student life, and all the things you do to make student life a bit more fun. 
  • #AUpensum

    The nerdy, interesting and entertaining things your studies explore. 

Other hashtags at Aarhus University

  • #Subuniversity

    Mentorproject where you can try out life at Aarhus University.