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This page is only relevant to Food and Agricultural Science students

Access to the Agrobiology building

The outer doors at the Agrobiology building (buildings 1170 and 1171) are usually unlocked on weekdays between 7:00 and 17:00. Outside these hours, and on weekends, you will need to have your student ID card (or equivalent) programmed to open the doors.

Read this first!

If you find that your student ID card cannot give you access to the building, please do the following:

1) Run your card through the card reader by the door. If there is a yellow blinking light, then the card does grant you access to the building, but you may need to reset your passcode. Use this link to do so:

2) If there is a constant, red light, then use the form below to apply for access to the building.

Please refer any questions regarding the access system to Rasmus Pedersen.


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