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Registering for courses and examinations

As a student, you are personally responsible for ensuring that you are enrolled in the courses you wish to take. You can register for courses through the student Self service portal

Registration for courses is only about the courses. You should not worry about type of examination and exam registration now. You must decide on type of examination when registering for examinations in the spring.  

If you are doing a programme element (for example an internship) that does not involve classroom teaching, you must still register for the examination as usual via Self service during the examination check period.  

Deadlines for registration for classes and examination check

  • 1 - 10 May
  • 1 - 10 November

The deadlines do not count for thesis registration.

Note: Professional Master's degree students and students of the Danish as a second language for adults are not responsible for registering for courses.

Late enrollment or change in enrollment               

The approval and signature of your director of studies is required if you, due to illness or other, enroll after the official end of the enrollment period or if you wish to change in your enrollment.

Read about applying for an extemption.



If your subjects are divided into classes, you will be put on a class. If you need to change class you can do so according to the guidelines below.

In the period from 1 to 15 September and 1 February to 15 you can change class, if there is room in the relevant class. You request for change of class by sending an email to Study Center Arts (with your name, student registration number and the class which should be prey).  "Space in the class" will be assessed in relation to the maximum size, which degree programme director or a lecturer has announced prior to the start of the module.

If you want to change class of student teacher it should be agreed with the student teacher in question.

Note: Teaching at Department of Aesthetics and Communication is not public. If you want to follow a course without being registered, you must obtain permission from the relevant course lecturer. This must be done prior to the teaching.

An overview of the study year

Technical difficulties

In case of login and technical difficulties: contact AU IT,

If you have questions about your degree programme and your registration, contact Studiecenter Arts

Programme-specific information Autumn

First semester BA students

New Arts BA students are either registered for classes by the university or register for classes themselves during rush week with help from tutors and Study Centre Arts.  Read more about rush week in the letters of acceptance you receive from AU.

HUM electives

To register for HUM electives, please use the separate form in the online self-service system.  Remember that you need to choose three different courses by order of priority when you register. If you have trouble finding the registration form online in self-service, contact Study Centre Arts.


Supplementary Subjects

If you have signed up for or in the process of planning a self-designed supplementary subject (ITT),  please remember that you cannot register using the self-service system. Instead, you should contact Study Centre Arts for help with enrolment in the courses you are interested in.

Profile courses

Read more about how to register for profile courses under the description of the individual profiles. You will be informed about which profile course you are enrolled in at the end of May.

First semester MA students

Students who will start the MA degree programmes below in September should register for elective courses at in the period 14-1 August:

  • Master's degree programme in Anthropology
  • Master's degree programme in Scandinavian Languages and Literature
  • Master's degree programme in Media Studies
  • Master's degree programme in Theology
  • Master's degree programme in The study of religion
  • Master’s degree programme in History
  • Master’s degree programme in English
  • Master’s degree programme in Digital Design
  • Master’s degree programme in Information Technology (Information Studies)
  • Master’s degree programme in French Language, Literature and Culture
  • Master's supplementary subject in English

All other MA programmes The registration for the 1st semester´s courses is done by the Study Administration 

Programme-specific information

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