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Registration for courses and exams

As a service, you will be registered for compulsory teaching and corresponding exams prior to the start of each semester.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are registered correctly for teaching and exams before the end of the registration period. You can see your registrations on your self-service facility.

You can withdraw from teaching and exams during a limited period before the semester starts:

1-5 May: registration and withdrawals for the autumn semester

1-5 November: registration and withdrawals for the spring semester

NB: You will only be registered automatically for your first examination attempt. So you always have to  register yourself - during the limited period - for second and third examination attempts.

Registration for courses

Registering for humanities electives and elective courses

You will not be registered automatically for elective courses and other elective elements such as humanities electives. You must therefore register/indicate your priorities at (self-service) during the registration period:

  • 1-5 May for the autumn semester
  • 1-5 November for the spring semester

When you register for an elective course, you automatically register for the corresponding exam as well. After the deadline your registration is binding. You will no longer be able to withdraw from or change your elective course.

If you haven't registered within the registration deadline, you should contact Study Centre Arts. Please note that it is only possible to register for courses which still have vacant places. 

Registering for profile courses, internships and field study

If you are going to do fieldwork or an internship/work placement, you must register for the exam (as well as any teaching). This applies even if you have not obtained a final agreement with a host organisation or received a signed internship agreement.

You must register at (self-service) during the following periods:

1-5 May for the autumn semester

1-5 November for the spring semester

After the deadline your registration is binding. If you have registered for fieldwork or an internship in the coming semester, but fail to finalise an agreement about this, you can apply to register for one of the alternative courses stated in your academic regulations for the semester in question after the normal deadline. Please note that the number of courses offered may be limited, as you can only register for courses which still have vacant places.

The deadlines for entering into an agreement for internships/work placement or fieldwork are:

15 August for the autumn semester 

15 January for the spring semester

Registering for elective subjects in the first semester

Elective subjects in the autumn semester

If the first semester of your Bachelor's or Master's degree programme includes elective subjects, you can register for them in August.

For students in the following Master's degree programs, the registration deadline is 5 to 10 August 2015:

  • Anthropology (General Anthropology, choice of language of instruction on 'Contemporary anthropological themes')
  • China Studies (A2)
  • Japanese Studies (A2)
  • South Asia Studies (A2)
  • Study of Religion
  • Theology
  • English (Track A)
  • Media Studies
  • Scandinavian Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Information Studies, A1
  • German, Track A
  • French, Track A
  • Spanish Track A

For students in the following Master's degree programs, the registration deadline is 23 to 25 August 2015:

  • Philosophy

Registering for pre-approved courses on another degree programme or at another university (credit transfer)

If you have gained advance approval for courses at another university, this advance approval replaces registration for teaching and exams in AU’s system. However, you must observe the local deadlines and procedures for registering for teaching and exams at the university concerned. Rules and deadlines vary from one university to the next. 

Once you have passed one or more courses at another university, you must submit an application for credit transfer to your board of studies at Aarhus University. Credit for the course(s) must be transferred, otherwise they will not be included as part of the 45 ECTS you need to pass each academic year.

Read more about deadlines and procedures when applying for advance approval and credit transfer. 

Registering for courses at AU Summer University

Each year the Boards of Studies at Aarhus University, Faculty of Arts offer short intensive courses during the months of July and August. The courses will run if sufficient participants sign up.

Courses are available in the course catalogue.

To sign up for courses offered as part of your own study programme, please sign up via the student self service (

To sign up for a credit module, please use the AU Summer University online application system that can be found on the AU Summer University page.

Please remember that you need a pre-approval from your Board of Studies.

You can read more about credit modules.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact AU Summer University

Registration deadlines for AU Summer University 2017

Applications open on 1 December 2016. The application deadline is 15 March 2017! 

Registration for exams

Types of exam

If you are unsure about which types of exam your degree programme offers, you can find the answer iyour academic regulations.

If you are taking a course with an active participation exam, or where active participation is stated as a prerequisite for sitting the exam, you can find more information on the page on Active class participation as well as in your academic regulations.

Registering for exams after the normal deadline

If you were unable to meet the registration deadline for exams due to exceptional circumstances, you must apply for registration after the normal deadline.

You can apply for registration after the normal deadline by sending an application for dispensation via (self-service).

Applying for special examination conditions

If you are applying for dispensation in connection with the upcoming examination period, please note that Arts Studies Administration has a processing time of about six weeks. So we recommend that you apply well in advance – preferably in March and October, respectively.

A Year of Study at Arts

Technical difficulties

In case of login and technical difficulties: contact AU IT,

If you have questions about your degree programme and your registration, contact Studiecenter Arts





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