How to register for courses

NB: The registration forms on the student self-service are not suitable for smartphones – we strongly recommend using a computer for registration.

As a rule, you are automatically registered for all mandatory courses. If you have been deregistered and must register again, please contact Study Centre Arts.

If you are registering for an elective course, you must do the following:

1) Log on to the student self-service (STADS) through  

2) Choose the tab ’Courses’

3) Choose ‘Register’

4) Choose the relevant course in the dropdown-menu

Check potential options – you might have options regarding place, class, priorities or  lesson groups. If there are no options, proceed to the next step

5) When you have ticked off the relevant course, press ’save registration’

Read more about registering for elective courses here: Elective Courses, Profile Courses etc.

If you are to start a new Bachelor’s degree programme, a supplementary subject or a Master’s degree programme in September, you will, as a general rule, be able to register from the beginning of August.

Find the deadlines for registration on the page about the registration for courses

Problems with registration?

If you have been on special leave, have been granted an exemption, have been on maternity/paternity leave or for other reasons are unable to register yourself – or if you have any problems with registering or withdrawing from your studies – please contact the Study Centre Arts by the deadline. Save your receipt as documentation that you have contacted in due time.

In the event of problems with login and technical problems: