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  • 15 August: Internship agreement submission
  • 1 September or 1 December: Bachelor's project (reexam) submission for BSc
  • 5 November: Registration for electives in the spring semester
  • 1 December: Application for exchange in autumn 2019
  • 1 December: Bachelor's thesis registration (BSc)
  • 1 December: Master's thesis registration in Marketing and Business Innovation
  • 1 December: Master's thesis registration in Technology Based Business Development
  • 1 December: Registration for ordinary exam spring/summer 2019
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2018.04.13 | Students

Course catalogue autumn 2018

From 15 April the autumn courses will be available in the course catalogue.

2018.03.23 | Students

As as student, what do I need to know about the labour dispute?

We have created a FAQ page where you can find answers to the most important questions about how the labour dispute will affect you as a student – if it becomes a reality. The page will be updated regu

2018.03.08 | Students

Lockout notice at AU

The Agency for Modernisation has issued a lockout notice which applies to most of Aarhus University’s employees.

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2014.07.09 | Opslag

Roskilde University Case Competition

In cooperation with our corporate partners we will create an unforgettable week where students can gain new knowledge, friendships and experiences that will last forever. Application deadline is 15th of July 2014.

2014.05.28 | Opslag

Quick rescheduling of cancelled exam

The students who didn’t get to complete their Marketing Management exam on Friday last week will be able to retake the exam on Sunday 1 June.

2014.03.25 | Opslag

#2030: A Writing Competition

What is your vision for the year 2030? Global English Editing invites students to contribute to their writing competition.

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Career events

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