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2017.11.14 | Students

Reexaminations spring/summer 2018

Remember to register for the reexamination, if you do not follow the teaching!

2017.11.13 | Students

The Choice is yours - Vote in the University Elections today

Use your right to vote and influence which candidates will become members of your local board of studies, academic councils, PhD committees and the AU board. The deadline to vote is Thursday 16 November at 16:00.

2017.11.07 | Students

Elective courses spring 2018 - Second registration round

Would you like to register for more courses in the spring 2018?


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2017.11.17 | Opslag

New Economic Talent

New Economic Talent 2018 Call for Papers

2017.10.27 | Opslag

AU Job and Project Bank

Are you interested in a new job eg. as a a student teaching assistant or intro week coordinator? Take a look in the AU Job and Project Bank.

2017.10.09 | Opslag

Welcome to Aarhus

The Warm Welcome Society is an exciting initiative for you who are new in Aarhus. It is your unique opportunity to get acquainted with the city’s many free time communities and to identify those that match your exact interests.

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Career Events

Tue 21 Nov
10:00-14:00 | Bartholins Allé, the cafeteria of social science
Meet Djøf and hear about its member benefits
Do you know which perks you can receive by becoming a member of Djøf? Stop by the cafeteria of social science and hear about their various offers and services and find out how to become a member.
Tue 05 Dec
10:00-17:00 | Rosbjergvej 33, 8220 Brabrand
Company visit at Dansk Supermarked Group: The largest retail company in Denmark
On 5. December, you can join us for a company visit to Dansk Supermarked Group’s headquarter in Aarhus. Here you will be introduced to the working routines, the organizational culture, and the job opportunities at the main player in the Danish retail market.
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