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2017.02.13 | Students

Remember to check the reexamination location

Not alle reexaminations will take place at campus Fuglesangs Allé!

2017.02.13 | Students

Do you forward your AU emails to your private email account?

Although it is possible to forward your AU emails, we cannot guarantee that all emails will go through. Instead, we recommend that you configure your private email account to import your AU emails.

2017.01.31 | Students

Remember the registration for reexaminations

If you did not pass or were absent from your first examination attempt (the ordinary examination), you are personally responsible for registering for the reexamination.


Tue 07 Mar
16:00-18:00 | Lokale M107, bygning 2628
Master's degree programme
Information meeting for sixth semester Business administration with supplementary subject (BA Soc.).


2016.11.22 | Opslag

New parking rules at Trøjborgvej, Tåsingegade and the Nobel Park

From 28 November 2016, new parking rules will be introduced for Trøjborgvej, Tåsingegade and the Nobel Park.

2016.02.23 | Opslag

New summer courses: Culture production in the real world

Are you motivated by practical work and experience, and do you want an idea of what the labour market is really like? Then the courses in culture production offered by the new 2017 Academy Summer Schools might be just the thing for you. The deadline for registering is 15 March.

2016.01.25 | Opslag

Five advantages of the new Aarhus BSS website

Monday 25 January sees the launch of the new, which introduces a series of improvements. Here, we have listed the five most significant advantages of the new website compared to the old one.

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Career Events

Wed 08 Mar
10:00-16:00 | Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Margrethepladsen 1, Aarhus
Expand your network at Karrieredagene
On 8 March Manova opens the doors to the largest job and career fair in Denmark. It is your opportunity to network with more than 80 international og Danish companies and organisations.
Tue 25 Apr
16:00-18:00 | Preben Hornungstuen, Studenterhus Aarhus
Writing a CV for the Danish job market
Your CV is the central part of your job applications. Often, recruiters only use a few moments to glance over the document. Therefore, it is crucial that all the relevant information is presented in a clear and structured way. CV styles are different from country to country – this workshop will teach you the Danish way of presenting yourself on paper.