Study@AU: An online introductory course

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Get ready for student life at AU

You can prepare for life as a student at Aarhus University by completing our online introductory course Study@AU. The course provides answers to a range of questions to help you start your university journey in the best way possible.

What is Study@AU?

Study@AU introduces you to academic, practical and technical issues relevant to your studies before you start on your degree programme. You are granted access to Study@AU shortly after you’re admitted to university, so you can use the time leading up to your first day in class to learn more about student life and to get answers to your questions.

The course gives you an insight into:

  • What a university is and what to consider in your transition to AU
  • The structure of your degree programme and the academic skills you’ll develop
  • The most important digital platforms at AU
  • Useful advice for your everyday life as a student
  • An overview of the many societies you can join

The course takes two hours to complete but is divided into modules that can be completed individually.

Access to Study@AU

You are automatically registered for Study@AU once you’re admitted to your degree programme. The course takes place in Brightspace, and you will receive an email with information on how to access the course once the course is open for you. Please note that this email may be sent some time after you receive information about your university admission.

Please note: If you are a new Bachelor’s student, there may be a few weeks between receiving information about your admission and being granted access to Study@AU. We have not forgotten about you! We’re just working hard to give students access to the right courses.

Different courses offered

There are three different Study@AU courses: one for new Bachelor’s students, one for new Master’s students, and one for international students. The courses are tailor-made for each group so that the content is as relevant as possible. There are also different courses for those starting their degree in the autumn and the spring.

Study@AU for Bachelor’s students

The course for Bachelor’s students addresses the challenges associated with making the transition to university. It introduces students to a new way of being a student than they may be used to from their secondary school education.

Study@AU for international students

The course for international students is aimed both at exchange students, who are only at AU for a semester, and those from abroad who are taking an entire degree programme at the university. Both groups are encouraged to complete the course in order to get to know Aarhus University, the Danish learning environment, and their own degree programme.

Study@AU for Master’s students

The course for Master’s students is aimed at two groups of students:

  • Students who are already familiar with AU. These students are encouraged to complete the parts of Study@AU they consider relevant. They may already know a lot of the content, but some aspects may still prove useful.
  • Students who are not familiar with AU or university in general. Some students may have come from another type of education or taken a break from studying in order to gain business experience. These students are encouraged to complete all the sections of Study@AU for Master’s students.

The course for Master’s students includes a module on future perspectives, which may be relevant for some students.

For those teaching or advising students

For those employed to teach or advise students at AU, such as lecturers, student counsellors, student advisers or mentors, it can be helpful to know the content of Study@AU. It is therefore possible to find a preview of Study@AU in Brightspace, which shows the content of each course. This preview will not provide access to the course on which the students are enrolled – it will only show content. If you are a member of staff and would like to have access to a course, please contact the workgroup behind Study@AU.