@RISK performs risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation to show you many possible outcomes in your spreadsheet model—and tells you how likely they are to occur. It mathematically and objectively computes and tracks many different possible future scenarios, then tells you the probabilities and risks associated with each different one. This means you can judge which risks to take and which ones to avoid, allowing for the best decision making under uncertainty.



AU IT offers students to buy a license for 650 DKK. See below for more information.


As a student of Aarhus University, you have the opportunity to purchase a license for @Risk. The price is 650 DKK and can be paid by using the following link. (NB! @Risk only works on a Windows machine.)

·         https://auwebshop.au.dk/en/software-licenser

The license is purchased for one year and expires 31/08 each year (no matter the date of purchase). If you still wish to use @Risk, you must purchase a new license. 

You will receive your license within one business day of your purchase. Please note that the license is sent by default to your student mail (post.au.dk).

If you don't receive an order confirmation within an hour, receive your license within one day or if you have any further questions, please write to bss.it@au.dk. In that case, it is important that you provide your full name and study number.

NB! Please be aware that the mail is sent to your studymail as default within one business day of your purchase (post.au.dk)


Installation of @RISK is done by downloading and installing the file located at the link below. 

Installations guide


Risk manual 2013:


Analytics Group does not conduct courses for this program at the given time, but upon request a course can be arranged. This is done by contacting agjuniormanager@au.dk with the requested content for the course and requested duration, after which a course structure will be suggested that are consistent with the given requests.


Remember to include name, username and a thorough description of the problem when you contact support.

The Servicedesk offers support only in Business and Social Science's own systems and limited support in other programs.

Program use

You can contact Analytics Group (AG) regarding general use of the program on:

Analytics Group
Room M21