Get a Language Partner

What Is a Language Buddy?

The basic idea about having a language buddy is that a Danish-speaking student and an international student swap language. In other words, the Danish-speaking student helps an international student learn or improve their Danish skills, and vice versa. 

The language buddy programme is a one-on-one relationship between a Danish-speaking student and an international student. The relationship is based on volunteerism, which creates a unique opportunity for a motivating and trusting relation between the students.

Who Can Apply for a Language Buddy?

Students at Aarhus BSS who are fluent in Danish, as well as international students enrolled in a full-time program who are interested in learning Danish. 

What Do I get Out of It

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate. The most important thing is that you are motivated to learn Danish and help a Danish student learning your language. In return, you will receive: 

  • Enhanced language skills: Opportunity for regular practice, expansion of your vocabulary, and familiarity with oral conversation. 

  • Cultural exchange: Learn about and gain understanding of your language partner's cultural background, Danish culture and perspectives while sharing your own. 

  • More job opportunities: It opens up doors to a wider range of job opportunities if you can communicate in Danish. Many employers value candidates who can communicate with clients, customers, or colleagues in Danish. 

  • Increased motivation: Set goals together, practice regularly, and support each other's progress. 

  • New friendships: Expand your social network and build relationships with people from different backgrounds and cultures. 

The Practical Details

The program is practical and flexible because you decide when, how, and for how long you meet each time. 

To ensure a positive learning outcome for both you and your language buddy, you both commit to a minimum duration of three months for the program and to meet at least once a week for one hour each time. The continuation of your relationship and how it progresses thereafter is up to you. 

Having a language buddyis a voluntary arrangement. 

Where and when you meet is up to you, but convenient places could be an AU canteen, a walk in the university park, or a café. 

We will match you with a language buddy who is fluent in Danish. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be a Danish speaking student with the inetreset in learning you language at the exact time you apply, but we will do our best.

We cannot guarantee that you will be matched with a student who is enrolled in the same education as yourself.

Once we have found you a match, you and your language buddy will receive each other's contact information, as well as a e-mail to kick-start your relationship on a positive note. 

Apply for a Language Buddy

Fill out the application form at the bottom of the page. We review applications continuously and will respond as quickly as possible, but please expect a response time of up to 10 days. 

You can submit your application today until Tuesday, December 12th. 

If you have any questions about the application process, you can contact student and well-being advisor Niki Rasmussen at

Other Danish Language Offers

Looking for more or other options to learn Danish? We have listed some of the offers that may be relevant to you:

  • Dare to Danish: Do you want insight into life in Denmark? Do you want to get to know the Danes – even practice some Danish? Dare to Danish is a one-semester programme where you and a Danish Aarhus ambassador explore Aarhus together.
  • Learn Danish with Sprogcenter Midt: Free Danish classes for all international students at Aarhus University at Studenterhus Aarhus and Herning.
  • Swap Language Aarhus: A Facebook group for everyone in Aarhus interested in cultural exchange and learning languages. You can use the group to look for a language partner and find events.
  • Other Learn Danish Resources: Find a language school and online language resources.