To Mentees

Deadline for Application and Mandatory Activity

  • Sign up for the Aarhus BSS mentor program no later than Monday, February 5th.
  • For Students i Herning: You will meet your mentor for the first time at the start-up meeting Thuesday, February 13th.
  • For students i Aarhus: You will meet your mentor for the first time at the start-up meeting Thursday, February 22nd.

Get off to a good start

The student counsellors at Aarhus BSS offers 2nd international students the opportunity to get a mentor.

The idea behind Aarhus BSS's Mentor Scheme is that an experienced student (mentor) voluntarily share their experience with a 2nd semster student (mentee). If you would like to learn more about student life, challenge yourself and be helped by an experienced student, participation in the mentor scheme would be a good choice.

What Is a Mentor?

A mentor is a bachelor's or master's student who voluntarily makes themselves, their knowledge, and experiences available to their mentee. A mentor-mentee relationsship is based on the mentee's development, and the mentorship can thus cover a variety of topics.

All mentors will receive training in mentoring, so they are well prepared for being your mentor and be focused on your development.

The mentorship program spans a semester. Where and when you should meet is up to you. It could be in a cafeteria or for a walk.

Participate In the Start-Up Meeting

We have a startup-meeting, which is mandatory for both mentors and mentees.

  • For students in Herning: The startup-meeting is Thuesday, February 13th.
  • For students in Aarhus: The startup-meeting isThursday, February 22nd

The startup-meeting is you and your mentors firtst step towards a good relation. Over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, you will be introduced to each other for the first time, and together you will conduct an expectation alignment, discussing what you, as a mentee, would like to gain from the mentorship.

How Do I Apply for a Mentor?

We must receive your registration no later than February 5th 2024. If we can assign you a mentor, we will contact you February 8th.

We strive to assign you a mentor with the same educational background as yourself.

If we cannot find you a mentor, we will contact you and talk about other options you may have.

Processing of Personal Data

When you participate as a mentor or mentee in the Aarhus BSS mentoring scheme 2023, your personal data will be processed. The purpose is to assess the mentoring scheme's effect on student retention. You can read more about Aarhus University's processing of your personal data here.


Who can help me if I have questions about the Aarhus BSS mentor program?

Reach out to the academic counseling at Aarhus BSS: