The Student Counsellors' Office

Who are we?
At the faculty Aarhus BSS, you will find both permanently employed counsellors and student counsellors.

  • The student counsellors are all students at bachelor- or masters' programmes and are experts on their specific study programme.
  • The permanently employed counsellors are able to counsel on a general basis and across the different study programmes within your main academic area. They also handle the mandatory study delay guidance and they have a broad knowledge of other guidance and support units.
  • All counsellors are bound by their duty of confidentiality. Everything you say to them will remain confidential.
  • If you are in doubt who to contact, you can get help at the helpdesk in building 1443, room 021 (Tåsingegade 3, 8000 Aarhus C).

Why can we help?
We are all trained counsellors and know the study programmes and regulations within the main academic area. Therefore we have the competence to help you find the solution that will suit you best. If you face problems of a more personal nature, you are also welcome. If we are not able to help you we will refer you to someone who can. Our point of view is that of the students and therefore we give advice in an objective manner.

How can we help you?
The student counsellors are among other things able to help you in questions regarding:

  • organizing your course of study in a different way
  • illness or other matters that prevent you from taking an exam
  • questions regarding the academic regulations of your study programme

The permanently employed counsellors are among other things able to help you in questions regarding:

  • you are delayed
  • you consider taking a leave of absence
  • you experience difficulties finishing your master's thesis