To mentees

Get off to a good start!

The student counsellors at Aarhus BSS offers 2nd international students the opportunity to get a mentor. A mentor is an experienced student who would like to share their experience and knowledge with a new student.

If you would like to learn more about student life, challenge yourself and be helped by an experienced student, participation in the mentor scheme would be a good choice.

Through our mentor scheme, you get the opportunity to learn from your mentor, who will share their experiences with you. You will get a good start developing your study competencies, meeting new people and learn more about your degree programme.

The idea behind the mentoring scheme

The idea is that an experienced student (mentor) voluntarily share their experience with a 2nd semster student (mentee). The relationship between a mentor and a mentee can be about many different things.The  Aarhus BSS Mentor Scheme is just one of the initiative to ensure a good study environment.

How the mentor scheme will proceed

All mentors will receive training in mentoring, so they are well prepared for being your mentor.

The Aarhus BSS Mentor Scheme will start at the end of February 2023 with a start-up meeting, where you will meet your mentor for the first time.

Where and when you should meet is up to you. It could be in a cafeteria or for a walk.

If we cannot find you a mentor, we will contact you and talk about other options you may have.

How do I get a mentor?

You sign up for the mentor scheme in the spring of 2023 by filling in the registration form here.

We must receive your registration no later than February 5th 2023. If we can assign you a mentor, we will contact you February 8th.

Processing of personal data

When you participate as a mentor or mentee in the Aarhus BSS mentoring scheme 2023, your personal data will be processed. The purpose is to assess the mentoring scheme's effect on student retention. You can read more about Aarhus University's processing of your personal data here.