Access to buildings at Health, Campus Aarhus/Key card

Access to buildings at Health, Campus Aarhus

All students at Health are automatically granted access to those parts of Health’s buildings that are associated with the students’ degrees (see detail below).

This means that when you have ordered your student ID card on and received it in the mail you will have access. If you have just enrolled and started on your first semester, you can excpect to have acces form the 20th August / 20th January.

Pin Code

When you receive your new student ID card, you also receive a pin code on your

The form below should only be used if your student ID card does not work when you try to access Buildings. Building Services will investigate the issue and get back to you.

Lost or non-functional card

In the case of a lost or malfunctioning card, you will have to order a new card via

 Access to campus buildings does not automatically work on your new card. Therefore, it will be necessary to use the form to contact Building Services to gain access with your new card.

Changing pin code

When you receive your new student ID card, you also receive a pin code on your

If you do not know, or are unable to remember you pin code it is possible to change it on

Where do I find my AU-id?

You can find your AU ID on your student ID card (see box below) or by logging onto You will see it next to your name on the main page – click the picture to look more closely.

What do the numbers on my student ID card mean?

On your student ID card you will find several different numbers. These will be important during your time as a student (this does not include students at Emdrup).

To avoid misunderstandings you will find an explanation here:

1.      Student registration number: your unique number starting with the year you were enrolled. This is the number the administration uses, so it is very helpful if you mention thus any time you contact the university.

2.     Exam number: only some exams use exam numbers – you can read more about your exam on the study portal. You will also find your exam number in Stads when looking at exam registrations.

3.     AU ID: this is your unique ID number, which you use when logging onto the universities IT-systems. You can also find it on (see above).

Card number: this is a serial number used by Building Services. 


Contact Building Services, Health about lacking access on your student card