How to book vehicles at the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts has eight official vehicles which can be used for teaching or research purposes in Denmark. These vehicles may only be used by staff and students at the Faculty of Arts, and may not be used outside Denmark. Drivers need a standard driving licence (category B). 

Booking your vehicle

Students can book vehicles via the school secretariat (choose your school on the right). You need to fill in a driving permit and bring it with you. It must be signed by you and the manager of the school secretariat or deputy head of school. Everyone intending to drive the vehicle must fill in a driving permit.

You need to show the driving permit as well as a printout of the booking confirmation or the vehicle’s Outlook calendar to the Maintenance Office in Aarhus when you pick up the key.

Please note that you must complete a separate driving permit for each booking. 

NB: Students are not covered by Aarhus University’s industrial injury insurance for employees. So the university recommends that you take out your own accident insurance.

Picking up the key

You can pick up the key the day before your booking starts at the Maintenance Office in the Nobel Park, building 1467, room 123. Please come during opening hours (weekdays between 11:00 and 12:00). Or contact the Maintenance Office to make an appointment.

Phone: 8715 0536 / mail: 

Picking up your vehicle

You will find your vehicle in the underground car park under building 1467. You will also be given a key card to use when picking up/returning the vehicle outside normal opening hours.

It is important that you pick up and return your vehicle at the agreed time.

You will find a logbook in the vehicle. Please fill this in when you return the vehicle. Check whether the previous driver has registered the number of kilometres correctly.

Further information about driving the vehicle can be obtained by using the QR code which you will find on the dashboard/in the glove compartment.

NB. If the vehicle you have booked is in the garage for repairs, Arts Building Services will do everything we can to inform you as soon as possible so you can book another vehicle. If no vehicles are available, you will have to find an alternative solution.

Returning the key and the vehicle

Please return the vehicle at the agreed time. Park it where you found it in the underground car park. Leave the key in the drop box at the Maintenance Office (building 1467, room 123).

Please think about the next person to use the vehicle:

  • Leave the vehicle with a full tank
  • Clean and wash the vehicle
  • Leave the vehicle where you found it

Arts Building Services do not cover the cost of fuel and do not offer to clean the vehicle. You must pay for the fuel you use. You must also pay any fines, parking charges etc.

If something goes wrong

Via SikkerhedsPartner A/S, you can use Dansk Autohjælp A/S for roadside assistance for official AU vehicles.

If you need roadside assistance, please call: 70 113 113.

When contacting Dansk Autohjælp, you must state the vehicle’s registration number and refer to AU’s customer number: SP-87150000. 

The vehicle must be sent to an AutoMester garage.  

Please inform the Maintenance Office of the problem by writing to 


Aarhus University is self-insured. This means that any accidents and damage to official vehicles occurring in Denmark will be covered by Aarhus University.

Students are not covered by Aarhus University’s industrial injury insurance for employees. So students driving these vehicles are not covered in case of accidents. Students are therefore encouraged to take out their own accident insurance.