Assessment of teaching environment 2021

The assessment in brief

The teaching environment on all degree programmes at all the universities in Denmark is assessed in terms of physical, psychological and aesthetic aspects.

This assessment is performed once every third year and involves the distribution of a questionnaire to all students in Denmark containing questions about their teaching environment.

The objective of this assessment is to enable Denmark’s colleges and universities to discuss and identify areas in which special efforts are needed to develop and ensure a good teaching environment for the students.

Processing assessments of the teaching environment, and your chance to have an influence

The assessments of the teaching environment are discussed by the degree programme boards, on which all our degree programmes are represented by both students and teachers. The degree programme board collaborates with the department for each degree programme with a view to drawing up a plan for the development of the teaching environment.

Your chance to have an influence

The students are represented in the discussions of the degree programme boards via the student representatives who have been elected to these boards.

You can find your representative below, and you are welcome to contact them if you want to take part in discussions of the teaching environment.