Specifically for the Nobel park

Specialepladser i Nobelparken og Tåsingegade

There are 149 study spaces available in Tåsingegade and 168 study spaces available in the Nobel Park.

Students in the Master’s degree programs at Faculty of Arts, who are registered for the thesis, can apply for these.  

In the event that the number of applicants is greater than the number of study spaces for students writing their thesis, there will be drawn lots for the seats among the students registered. A registration via self-service facility is thus not a guarantee for a study space.  

How to apply and deadlines:

  • 31st of October (study space for the period 15th of January - 1st of June)
  • 30st of April (study space for the period 1st of August - 2nd of January)

You will find the application via Student Self-service (mit.au.dk)

The applications will open 14 days before the deadline.

Please note: There will only be open for applications for a study space for the students who are registered to write their thesis in the subsequent semester. If you are registered and do not have the opportunity to apply for a study space via mit.au.dk, please contact Study Centre Arts within the above deadline.