Student councellors at the Faculty of Arts

You can book an appointment with a student counsellor at Arts if you need to discuss more comprehensive issues or if for personal reasons you do not want to talk to your local student study supervisor.

Sessions involve a dialogue between you and the counsellor, and the main aim is to identify your wishes, thoughts, goals and opportunities. Sometimes more than one session may be needed to develop and add detail to the plans of action that we have drawn up together.

Your own thoughts are one of the most important elements in each session and the results deriving from it. The job of the counsellor is to listen and ask questions with a view to helping you to gain clarity about your situation and your opportunities.

We have a duty of confidentiality. In other words, we treat everything that we discuss with strict confidence. When we ask for your contact information in connection with booking, it is solely for us to contact you if we need to change an agreement. In order for us to prepare as best as possible before the meeting, we also ask you to provide your study number.

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