Temporary enrolment in the Master’s degree programme

Rules for conditional admission and enrolment for students at AU

As a general rule, you must have completed your Bachelor’s degree programme in order to be admitted to a Master’s degree programme. If you have applied for admission to a Master’s degree programme, but have not yet completed your Bachelor’s degree programme, you will be offered conditional admission. Admission is conditional upon you completing your Bachelor’s degree programme or meeting language requirements or other unfulfilled requirements before a given date. If you are waiting for marks from a re-examination or Summer University, for instance, your conditional admission will automatically turn into a ‘real’ admission once your marks have been registered and/or credit has been transferred to your degree programme, provided this happens before the given deadline.

While you are waiting to receive documentation regarding fulfilment of the final requirements, you will be granted a so-called conditional enrolment.

If it is NOT possible for you to complete your Bachelor’s degree programme before the documentation deadline, and you have not applied for and been granted temporary enrolment in your Master’s degree programme before the deadline, your conditional admission will no longer apply, and your conditional enrolment will be discontinued. You will then only be enrolled in your Bachelor’s degree programme.

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Rules for temporary enrolment for students at AU 

If you are a student at AU and have been granted conditional admission to your Master’s degree programme, but will be unable to complete your Bachelor’s degree programme before the deadline, you can instead apply for temporary enrolment in your Master’s degree programme.

Master’s degree programmes with restricted admission, including the Master’s degree programmes that have been resized, only grant temporary enrolment to Bachelor’s degree students who have a legal right of admission, cf. § 10 (3) in AU’s rules on admission. In addition, you must have applied for and been offered conditional admission to your Master’s degree programme in order to be granted temporary enrolment.

The university may temporarily enrol you in a Master’s degree programme if it deems that you have the academic prerequisites to complete and pass your Bachelor’s degree programme at the same time as you are acquiring ECTS credits on the Master’s degree programme. You can be temporarily enrolled for one semester. This period may be extended, however, if the courses and exams you still need to complete on your Bachelor’s degree programme are offered on a different semester. However, you can only register for Master’s degree courses corresponding to a maximum of 30 ECTS credits.

Temporary enrolment does not grant the right to monthly SU grants for the Master’s degree programme, but you may use any monthly SU grants that you have left from the Bachelor’s degree programme.

How to apply

  1. Log on to mystudies.au.dk and use the application form for 'Temporary enrolment in a Master's degree programme'
  2. Indicate which master's degree program you apply for temporary enrollment on and in which semester
  3. Draw up a specific timetable showing how you plan to complete your Bachelor’s degree programme while attending courses on your Master’s degree programme (write course titles and ECTS).
    NB: You must write which Master's programme courses you expect to pass during the first examination period and which Bachelor's programme courses you plan to pass concurrently with the temporary enrollment.
  4. Attach documentation in the form of a copy of your confirmation that you have been admitted to the master's degree program for which you are applying for temporary enrolment.
  5. Submit your application.