Are you starting the first semester without a proper timetable?

If you are a first semester student or starting a supplementary subject, your courses will be registered during August, so you will not be able to see your personal timetable until 1 September/1 February. However, you can still find out when your teaching will be taking place.

Before the start of the semester, you can find your course schedule by using the course titles rather than your student registration number.

  1. Go to Timetable.
  2. Click ‘+ Add timetable’ in the right-hand menu and click 'Course' (note that here 'course' is the name of the degree programme).
  3. Type some of the course’s title in the search field. As you type, the search results adjust accordingly. 
  4. In the list of timetables tick off the desired semester (e.g. '1. per. (1)' (1. periode = 1. semester).
  5. After ticking the desired semesters, click 'Add timetables' followed by 'Close'.
  6. You should now be able to see the course schedule.

NB. Check your timetable regularly so you know if your teaching activities have been moved. Timetables do not necessarily stay the same from week to week.

Your registration for compulsory courses will be finalised by the start of the semester and can be seen at My study timeline via

Find out how course registration takes place.