Info and tips for the best start to your student life 

Welcome to your new life as a university student!

You are probably thinking a lot about your first year of university, your new city, and your new student life, and we want to help you get the best possible start to it all. Therefore we have put together everything you need right here.

Explore the content below and find out: What everyday life at the university looks like, how to find housing, what exciting communities you can become part of, where you will find the friday bar and canteens, which tools are available to help you strengthen your student life, where you can get answers to all of your questions - and much, much more. 

About the transition into university

There are lots of tips, tricks and experiences to help you handle the transition from high school and get a good start to university.

About Aarhus

Housing, student jobs, parks, the beach, sights and friday bars are all within cycling distance in Denmark's best city for students.

About campus

Take your study group with you and explore the friday bar, the canteens and all of the best reading nooks - maybe you will find a favorite spot?

About the social life

There are endless possibilities to create unforgettable memories when studying at Aarhus University: Friday bars, sports clubs, student revues, social committees, bands, you name it - there is a community for everyone!

About questions and information

Throughout your course of study there are many options to receive guidance and answers to all of your questions.

About tools and services

Do you want to increase your wellbeing as a student or strengthen your reading, your study group work and your study techniques? Then there are lots of great tools to find right here.

About all the rest

Here you will find various information that may be useful throughout your course of study.