Bachelor's project, Master's thesis and R&D projects

Bachelor's project, R&D project and Master's thesis

Common to the Bachelor's project, the R&D projects and the Master's thesis is that it is your own research projects that develop new knowledge. All projects can be carried out in a research group at the university, or they can be carried out in a company supported by a university supervisor with scientific insight. If you want to carry out your project in a company, you must first make an agreement with a relevant university supervisor. Together with the supervisor you can identify relevant companies. We encourage all our students to have at least one project in a research group at the university and one project in collaboration with a company.


2 times a year, project days are organised, where students will have the opportunity to hear about some of the different projects you can do at BCE.
The next project day will be held on 3 October 2023 at 16-19. On this day, researchers from BCE will participate and you will have the opportunity to talk to them about possible project opportunities.