Engineering Internship

The compulsory engineering internship is placed on the 5th or 6th semester, and students prepare for it through a course on the preceding semester.

The purpose of an engineering internship is for you to gain practical experience with engineering and knowledge of how to solve engineering tasks in practice in connection with the completion of the internship in a public or private company

The guidelines for engineering internships are further described in the documents below:

Below, you can find more information about internships and the practical matters, for which you, as a student, are responsible in connection to the internship. 

I have found an internship – What do I do now? (Internship agreement)

When you have found an internship and arranged it with the company, you must fill out an internship agreement:

It is your responsibility to make sure the agreement is filled out and signed by both the company and Aarhus University. It is the internship coordinators who sign on behalf of AU.

Internship coordinator

Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering and Food Technology:

Morten Krogh Larsen (

Paid or unpaid internship and SU

In the internship agreement, you have to state whether it is a paid or unpaid internship. You arrange with the company whether the internship is paid or not.

If it is a paid internship, you must inform the SU office. This is done by filling out the form below:

Udfyld formular om lønnet praktik (danish)

By pressing send at the bottom of the form, you send it directly to the SU office, who will then process your case.

If your internship is unpaid, it is possible to receive SU during your internship. The department you are enrolled in will inform the SU office of this, based on the information you have stated in the internship agreement.

You can read more about the SU regulations regarding paid and unpaid internships here (in danish)

Reporting during the internship

You must write two reports during your internship, a Focus Report and a Training Report.

The guidelines for the preparation of both the Focus Report and the Training Report are listed below:

Deadlines can be found on the internship course page on Brightspace.

Holidays and days off in the internship period

The internship must comprise at least 20 weeks of 37-hours, excluding any holidays.

If you want to take a holiday during your internship, the internship must be prolonged accordingly.

You are entitled to up to three days off to participate in exams, orientation meetings etc. at Aarhus University.

Certificate for completed engineering internship

When your internship is completed, the company must fill out a certificate for completed internship. You can find the certificate here:

It is your responsibility to make sure the certificate is filled out and then to submit it to the internship coordinator. The deadline can be found on the fifth-semester internship course page on Brightspace.

Internship as an entrepreneur in your own company

In Startup Factory, you have the opportunity to get hands-on experience and explore your own entrepreneurial abilities as an alternative to a regular company internship programme. In the form of a 37-hour workweek, you will get the opportunity to collaborate with other students, who are in the same position as you, and who are passionate about entrepreneurship. An internship at Startup Factory could end up with you starting your own company or just getting to know more about yourself and entrepreneurship. No matter what, you will acquire many great tools and skills throughout the internship that will qualify you as a potential future entrepreneur.

Read more about entrepreneur internships here  (in danish)

Internships abroad

It is possible to choose to do an internship abroad. The internship often takes place in an international company. It is an opportunity to improve your linguistic abilities and experience a new and different working environment.

It is your responsibility to find an internship. It is possible to ask a professor or the student counsellor for advice regarding internship companies.

  • Du kan læse mere om praktik i udlandet her (in danish)