The Faculty Grant

You can apply for a faculty grant as a supplement to study periods or internships abroad or for a stay abroad in connection with your thesis project.


When assigned to a study place through AU, you automatically apply for a faculty grant. Therefore, you do not need to submit an application.

Freemover or Internship

If you are travelling abroad as a freemover or doing an internship, you must submit an application for a faculty grant to be considered for a grant.

Apply here. It is only possible to apply through this link during these periods.

  • 1 March to 1 April
  • 1 October to 1 November

Application deadline

There are two application deadlines per year:

  • 1 April for commencement/departure during the autumn term of the same year.

  • 1 November for commencement/departure during the following spring term.

Applications cannot be made with retroactive effect. 

Who can apply?

Students enrolled as full-time students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences or the Faculty of Technical Sciences who are planning a stay abroad in the third year of the Bachelor’s degree programme or the Master’s degree programme at:

  1. an exchange partner of Aarhus University, the Faculty of Natural Sciences or the Faculty of Technical Sciences. See AU partner database here and TASSEP
  2. research institutions, companies etc. in connection with internships or thesis.

Conditions for allocation of faculty grants

You must have a GPA of minimum 7 when you apply. 

The stay must not prolong your studies, i.e. you must earn 30 ECTS credits every six months.

For study abroad or internships you must earn 30 ECTS, or, if this is not possible, you must supplement with a project module, summer course or the like.

Stays in connection with a thesis must be for a minimum of four months. As a student, you must interact and be in contact with the teaching/research environment you are visiting.

You must have advance approval of a study programme (for study periods and internships abroad) or a statement from your supervisor (for a stay in connection with your thesis). Please note that it can take up to five weeks to get an advance approval of a study period abroad from the board of studies.

Allocation criteria
You can apply for up to 4000 kr. for destinations in Europe or up to 6000 kr. for non-European destinations.

Funds are allocated according to the criteria below: 

  • Academic competencies -  based on grades 
  • Seniority - older students are given priority
  • Students that are going abroad to an AU or faculty partner institution
  • Progression - students who are progressing with their studies according to plan are given priority

Deadline for payment

The scholarship is paid as an advance no earlier than 2 weeks before departure, and no later than 5 weeks after departure. The scholarship is only paid if all appendices have been submitted.

Final settlement

No later that 2 weeks after returning you must send a confirmation of attendance/enrollment to If you fail to do so, you must pay back the faculty grant.

Need help? 

Write an email to