Nordplus/Nordlys grant

Every year, Aarhus University applies for funding from Nordplus for exchange grants. Nordplus grants are awarded to AU students who are going on exchange at one of Aarhus University's partner universities in the Nordplus or Nordlys programme.

General conditions:

  • You must have completed at least one year of your degree programme before going on exchange.
  • The courses you take on exchange must meet the requirements of your degree programme  at AU and give credit transfer and it must count towards your degree.
  • The duration of the exchange must be between one month and one year.
  • You can do multiple Nordplus exchanges, but you’re normally only eligible for a total of twelve months grants. 

When and how can I apply for a Nordplus/Nordlys grant?

When you are nominated for a Nordplus or Nordlys exchange, you will automatically be eligible for a Nordplus/Nordlys grant. This means you don’t have to apply for a grant separately.

What is the amount of the grants?

The grants consist of a monthly amount of approx. 200-250 euros, and in addition a travel grant if sufficient funding is available. The amount of the travel grant awarded depends on the destination.

A note on Nordplus

When you go on exchange through a Nordplus agreement, your grant will not necessarily be paid out by Aarhus University or your host university. Your grant may be paid out by a third university that administers these funds on behalf of your degree programme’s network. You can ask your international coordinator for more information about which university will be providing you with information and contracts.

If you go on a Nordplus exchange and you’re a student at political science or media and communication, your grant will be administered by Aarhus University. You will receive an email with further information.

A note on Nordlys

The International Centre is responsible for administering Nordlys exchanges and grants. You will receive an email with further information.


When you return to Denmark, you must submit a Confirmation of Enrolment confirmed by your host university, as well as your final Learning Agreement. You must submit this documentation to the university that pays out your grant.

Furthermore, you must complete a travel report that will be sent to your AU-mail by the end of your stay. 

You will be asked to pay back your grant if you don’t submit documentation for your stay and/or complete the travel report. 

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