The Danish Students’ Grants and Loans Scheme (SU) Office at Aarhus University provides guidance and processes applications for grants and loans, Youth Travel Cards and mileage allowance, as well as scholarships to study abroad for all current and future students at Aarhus University.

Current announcements

COVID-19 og SU

If you have any enquiries regarding SU and the current covid-19 situation, please find your answer here at the news page. Please note that any enquiries about equal status, your working status etc. must be forwarded to Uddannelses og Forskningsstyrelsen

New contact form

You must contact the SU office via our mail form

The SU office will answer all inquiries to your AU study email.

Decisions will continue to be sent to your e-box.

You will find the mail form on our contact page. 

New application for foreign citizens applying for equal status with Danish citizens

As of 17 June 2020 you must use a new digital solution to apply for equal status with Danish citizens. You can access the application for equal status by clicking on the receipt page you get when you have applied for SU in minSU. If you already applied for SU, you can access the application for equal status in minSU, under Søg SU > Application for equal status (foreign citizens) 

Please note: Your application cannot be processed until you have correctly registered your personal identification (Danish CPR. no.) number in the study administration system. You can register here   

If you need others to make decisions or take action regarding your SU (state educational grant) situation, you must send a power of attorney to the Danish Students’ Grants and Loans Scheme Office. Click here for a power of attorney (PDF).