Study Activity

You can only receive SU if you are actively studying in the eyes of the SU-system.

If you want to receive SU, it is not enough to participate in lectures etc., you also need to pass a certain amount of ECTS points each semester.

When you have started your studies, the SU-office will control whether or not you are actively enrolled in your studies. This will be controlled again no later than after 7 months and afterwards we will check it continuously throughout your studies.

  • If you started your studies after 1 July 2016 you are actively enrolled, provided you are not more than six months behind in your degree programme over six months (30 ECTS credits).
  • If you started your studies before 1 July 2016, you are allowed to fall up to 12 months (60 ECTS credits) behind on your degree before your SU will be stopped.

Out control is done twice a year - in march and september.
It is in these two months that you need to meet the ECTS criteria.
If you fall farther behind than these limits, you will be declared not actively enrolled, and your SU will be stopped from either May or November.

If you are in doubt whether you are actively enrolled and meet our criteria (e.g. if you follow a special study plan, go on leave or miss an exam) you can ask us to look at your new study plan.

Please note that you are responsible for familiarising yourself with the SU regulations, adhering to deadlines etc. You can find information on the current regulations at If you have any further questions please contact the SU Office.


I’ve been granted an exemption by my degree programme – why is my SU being stopped?

If you are given an exemption, for example from the active-enrolment requirement for your degree programme, this does not mean that you are also exempt from the active-enrolment requirement regarding your SU. It is not possible to grant exemptions from the current SU regulations – including those concerning active enrolment. In the following you can read about what to do if you have fallen behind, for example because of sickness.

When does my SU stop?

Payment of your SU stops when you have fallen more than six months (30 ECTS credits) behind on your degree programme. Whether you are actively enrolled will be checked every semester – in March and September – and, if you have fallen more than six months (30 ECTS credits) behind, your SU will be stopped as from May or November respectively. Before your SU is stopped a letter about this will be sent to your e-Boks.

I’ve lost my SU – how do I get it back?

If you are declared not actively enrolled and your SU is thus stopped, you will receive a letter describing how to get it back. You can restart your SU payments if you earn more ECTS credits or are granted supplementary monthly SU payments.

Remember that you must apply to start getting SU payments again at minSU. 

What happens if I get behind on my studies because I get sick?

If you get sick during your studies and cannot sit one or more examinations you can apply for supplementary monthly SU payments. If you are granted supplementary monthly SU payments you will be compensated for the delay in your studies caused by your illness.

What happens if I fail an examination and fall behind?

If you fail one or more examinations and thus do not earn the required 30 ECTS credits, you will fall behind in your degree programme if you have received SU throughout the semester. You can make up this deficit if you resit an examination and pass, so that you earn the required 30 ECTS credits. Remember that you are permitted to fall behind by six months (30 ECTS credits) before your SU will be stopped.

How do work/project placements affect my SU?

You must remember to apply for the transfer of your earned ECTS credits. Otherwise you risk your SU being stopped if you fall over six months behind (30 ECTS credits) on your degree programme.