Alcohol policy during the introduction week

The commencement of studies is broadly understood as activities aimed at new students during the first half of the academic year. This period starts when the new students receive their letter/email of admission, and it includes the introduction week and the camping trip as well as an evaluation of the students’ initial time at the university.

The following applies specifically to the introduction week at the AU campus and the camping trip/weekend trip outside the AU campus.

  1. Tutors are subject to the alcohol policy of Aarhus University when they carry out work on behalf of the university.
  2. Tutors or new students are not allowed to consume alcohol before and during academic activities that take place either at or outside the AU campus. This means that alcohol is prohibited between 8am and 4pm during introduction week. However, in connection with specific activities, the director of studies may allow for the consumption of alcohol.
  3. The individual tutor group must ensure that during all activities there are tutors present who are not consuming alcohol.
  4. There must be a reasonable balance between academic and social activities during introduction week. All new students must feel welcome at all activities whether or not they consume alcohol. Saying no to alcohol must never result in the new student having to refrain from participating in an activity.
  5. The tutors are responsible for ensuring that all activities are conducted in a manner that does not require that the students consume alcohol.
  6. The tutors are responsible for ensuring that new students are not exposed to activities which transcend their personal limits or seem offensive to them.