Checklist for new students

When you start at Aarhus University you can help yourself by going through this list of "need-to-do" and "need-to-know," which you should look at the first weeks of you study programme.



  1. Order your student ID card via
  2. Learn about AU’s self-service system,, where you, among a lot of things, can change your password, gain access to your student email or study plans and register (or de-register) for exams.
  3. It is very important that you find your student ID (matriculation number) before you begin your study as you will need this during the introduction week and for the entire study. You can find your student ID at (click on your name).
  4. Check and set up your AU email.
  5. Make sure that you have admission to the online teaching system Brightspace.
  6. Familiarise yourself with - a single point of access to information about courses, lectures and classes, study information and self-service systems.
  7. Check admission to wireless network. You need to use the Eduroam network (requires AU ID).
  8. Make sure that you have admission to the buildings with a key card (student ID card as key card).
  9. Check your timetable and see when your classes are starting.
  10. Make sure that you can copy/print.
  11. Create a user account at AU Library
  12. Buy your books and compendiums to the first semester at BSS Books. Which teaching materials you must have, is either in the course catalogue or in Brightspace.
  13. Read the pre-arrival guide for full degree students coming to Aarhus University.

Check the above to be sure that you are ready to start on your study programme. You might also need the following "need-to-know" functions.



  1. Explore the possibilities of using study spaces and other facilities under study environment at the study portal for business administration.
  2. Explore your study portal for economics and business administration.
  3. Learn about your courses and exam requirements in the study guide.
  4. Get to know Aarhus BSS Student Services.
  5. Get to know Building Services.
  6. Please note that for digital exams, your computer must meet the specified system requirements. Your computer should not be more than three years old, and it must be born with Windows 7 (PC) or Mac OS X (Mac) (including newer versions) in order for you to be able to use it for a digital exam. To read more about the system requirements and digital exams.
  7. Activate your free membership to the career and alumni network.
    Don’t miss out on career events at Aarhus BSS/Aarhus University.
    Activate your membership to receive event invitations and job offers (student jobs, internships, full-time jobs) throughout your studies. You’ll also get lots of useful advice on how to get in touch with what might be your future employer.  Activate your membership.